Salar De Uyuni

By On November 28, 2013

After an overnight bus trip that I can only describe as a hellish 7-hour rollercoaster ride in the dark, we arrive in Uyuni just before dawn. We stumble off the bus into… Read More


Rob Ford- The Movie

By On November 26, 2013

There are no more words left to describe the one-man circus act that is Toronto Mayor Rob Ford.  Since taking office in 2010, Ford has been under fire for a string of… Read More


The Best of St. Clair West

By On October 29, 2013

I know what you’re thinking, friends. How does one maintain a travel blog whilst not currently traveling? Obvious answer: not very successfully. That is unless of course you are lucky enough to… Read More


The Good Life

By On September 1, 2013

No matter how far and wide my wanderlust may take me, I know that I will never find another place quite like home. I was reminded of this after a very special… Read More


Victor’s Surf Camp Part II

By On August 15, 2013

Anxious to try our hand at surfing, we signed up for lessons with Victor the first morning we arrived at My Surf Camp in Punta Hermosa. Victor equipped us with boards and… Read More


Victor’s Surf Camp Part I

By On August 1, 2013

Our whirlwind South American adventure was quickly coming to a close. With only a few days left before it was time to return home, we decided to beeline it back to the… Read More


Wear Sunscreen

By On July 1, 2013

The view from atop our hillside hostel in Copacabana was well worth the adventure it took to get there. Lake Titicaca stretched as far as the eye could see, interrupted only by… Read More


A Bolivian Birthday

By On June 1, 2013

Every once in a while love and kindness finds you in a place so unexpected that it reminds you of the common threads that bind us together and of the warmth of… Read More


Bolivia’s Border Crossing Angel

By On May 15, 2013

We clamoured down from the top of our overnight bus, overtired and groggy, only to be unceremoniously spit outside into the blinding morning light. As the bus pulled away, we began to… Read More


Machu Picchu – A World of Wonder

By On May 1, 2013

I awoke before my alarm with the enthusiasm of a ten year old on Christmas morning. It’s 4 am. On any other day I would consider this an ungodly hour to have… Read More


The Saga of the Forgotten Tights

By On April 15, 2013

  The moment we had settled in to the colectivo I let out a giant @#$%! I had forgotten my tights. My most favourite lulu lemon tights. The tights I was suppose… Read More


City Cycle — Lima Edition

By On April 1, 2013

I have often said that the day I started biking in Toronto was the day I fell in love with the city.     This has held true for pretty much every… Read More


Ready, Set, Race!

By On March 15, 2013

I watch a lot of TV. Online streaming was pretty much the most unproductive thing that has ever happened to me. In fact, I started listing all of the shows I consistently… Read More