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A Word for 2015

By On January 17, 2015

As January plunges Toronto into a deep freeze, the hot and sticky memories of Southeast Asia have all but receded to the far corners of my mind, as if hiding from the… Read More


Poetry in Motion

By On June 7, 2014

I couldn’t wait to get to the train station today. After nearly two months of chaotic evenings and burning through the first two seasons of the Mindy Project half-hearted attempts at writing, I… Read More

South America

Two Weeks in Peru & Bolivia- Confessions from an Over-Planner

By On December 21, 2013

Full disclosure: When it comes to travelling, I’m a planner. I’m sure almost annoyingly so. In fact, I may get almost as much enjoyment out of the planning, anticipation and lead-up to… Read More


The Good Life

By On September 1, 2013

No matter how far and wide my wanderlust may take me, I know that I will never find another place quite like home. I was reminded of this after a very special… Read More


Wear Sunscreen

By On July 1, 2013

The view from atop our hillside hostel in Copacabana was well worth the adventure it took to get there. Lake Titicaca stretched as far as the eye could see, interrupted only by… Read More