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Victor’s Surf Camp Part II

By On August 15, 2013

Anxious to try our hand at surfing, we signed up for lessons with Victor the first morning we arrived at My Surf Camp in Punta Hermosa. Victor equipped us with boards and… Read More


Victor’s Surf Camp Part I

By On August 1, 2013

Our whirlwind South American adventure was quickly coming to a close. With only a few days left before it was time to return home, we decided to beeline it back to the… Read More


Machu Picchu – A World of Wonder

By On May 1, 2013

I awoke before my alarm with the enthusiasm of a ten year old on Christmas morning. It’s 4 am. On any other day I would consider this an ungodly hour to have… Read More


The Saga of the Forgotten Tights

By On April 15, 2013

  The moment we had settled in to the colectivo I let out a giant @#$%! I had forgotten my tights. My most favourite lulu lemon tights. The tights I was suppose… Read More


City Cycle — Lima Edition

By On April 1, 2013

I have often said that the day I started biking in Toronto was the day I fell in love with the city.     This has held true for pretty much every… Read More