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Victor’s Surf Camp Part I

By On August 1, 2013

Our whirlwind South American adventure was quickly coming to a close. With only a few days left before it was time to return home, we decided to beeline it back to the… Read More


Machu Picchu – A World of Wonder

By On May 1, 2013

I awoke before my alarm with the enthusiasm of a ten year old on Christmas morning. It’s 4 am. On any other day I would consider this an ungodly hour to have… Read More


The Saga of the Forgotten Tights

By On April 15, 2013

  The moment we had settled in to the colectivo I let out a giant @#$%! I had forgotten my tights. My most favourite lulu lemon tights. The tights I was suppose… Read More


City Cycle — Lima Edition

By On April 1, 2013

I have often said that the day I started biking in Toronto was the day I fell in love with the city.     This has held true for pretty much every… Read More